Do you ever offer in-home tutoring?


No. You may be surprised to learn how personal learning online can be when there is only one student and one teacher!

 Online Tutoring Provides Many Benefits:

Convenient: No need to tidy your home or hide pets away. No need to worry about traffic, drive anywhere, or strict pickup times. When the session has ended your child simply logs off and returns to in-home activities, limited parental help needed! 

Unique: Zoom learning in an online setting with one teacher and one child is very different than in a whole class of 20-30 students. We get to personalize the learning, discussions, and goals around your child! 

Time-saving: Avoid travel time, time spent in traffic, all while multi-tasking! You can accomplish other goals around the home while your child participates in a session, rather than waiting for your child to finish or worry about rushing back for pickup. 

Hands-On: Technology is wonderful, but nothing replaces manipulating objects in hand for a math lesson. We'll work together to build a Tutoring Toolkit that mimics the items I'll place under my camera for demonstration. This allows your child to do exactly what I do with materials and enhance their conceptional understanding. We also make use of the ever improving and expanding libraries of digital manipulatives too!

Flexible: Your child can receive tutoring from anywhere that provides internet access and a quiet space. Maintain your scheduled tutoring session regardless of travel or moving homes. In-person tutoring would require a designated clean, and quiet space in your home as well as close physical proximity for meeting.

Accessible: I can reach and teach your child no matter where you live in the world. 

Easy: Create recurring sessions from your phone in a few minutes! Your child just has to log in to the virtual Zoom classroom at the set time. 

Engaging: Many students who struggle to focus during traditional lessons are able to attend online lessons with relative ease. Online lessons include hands-on games and activities. Students who struggle to attend during lessons are offered regular breaks within a session. They do an activity of their choice and return to the lesson after the break. Over time their stamina quickly develops and the need for frequent breaks decreases.