How does online tutoring work?

Online tutoring occurs on a computer or tablet that supports internet access and has a camera. We'll use a website/app called Zoom (free of charge) for our virtual meeting. Zoom is a popular service used for business meetings. Of course our use will be slightly different. Check it out here!


You'll receive an email with a link to our private classroom for the tutoring session. Kara and your child will be able to see each other which is great for getting to know one another and building a connection and sense of trust. Kara will also be able to watch facial expressions to get feedback on what your child is struggling with and when they feel proud!


Using the Zoom service, we can also share our screens with one another for practice work. Zoom even has a shared whiteboard feature that allows Kara and your child to write on the board with a touch screen device or mouse, this is great for game based practice and direct instruction.  

Joining a call from a computer or tablet is simple! See how below!

Join from a computer                                                                                           Join from a tablet

                                                                                                      (cell phones not recommended for our purposes)