What is the difference between online and in person tutoring?


In Person
  • Available to anyone around the world.
  • Occurs face to face via web camera.
  • Students use virtual materials.
  • No limitation to virtual materials ( great when the lesson changes directions based on the child's curiosity, discoveries, and newly discovered needs).
  • Convenient for busy families that are on the go. Lessons can occur on a tablet anywhere, even while out of town.
  • First session includes exploring the capabilities of Zoom so that your child is comfortable and understands expectations along with a get to know you activity. If needed, the following lesson will include an assessment.
  • Easy and quick scheduling.
  • $75 per hour session.
  • Available to families who live in Alexandria, Virginia U.S.A
  • Occurs face to face in your home
  • Students use physical materials
  • Limited to materials Kara brings based on the planned lesson (less flexibility).
  • Requires being home and a cleared working space and room.
  • First session includes assessment if needed and get to know you activities.
  • Limited options for scheduling due to commute times, traffic, and available time within the schedule.
  • $90 per hour session. Additional fee account for travel time and gas.