A Learning Curve is Essential to the Growth

                                                                                                                                                           - Tammy Bjelland

At some point, everyone needs help on their learning journey. It's hard to face that feeling of being stuck and frustrated with a challenging skill. It's even tougher when you're a child and can't understand why the learning isn't coming fast and easily. As a parent, you have faced challenges in your journey as a teacher and mentor to your young child. Maybe you have struggled to understand why your child does the things that they do!

Now imagine meeting someone who has the experience, knowledge, and connection with students and parents to help lift them over their learning hurdle and instill confidence and excitement in learning again. Have you considered hiring a tutor or parent coach?  

Hi! I'm Kara Cashwell a licensed educator who has had the pleasure of discovering the unique gifts each child possesses.  I am able to guide parents in how to best access those gifts and use them to elevate each child's success in academics and beyond. Every learner has individual needs. I specialized in identifying those needs and supporting them with understanding, patience, and fun. I offer online tutoring sessions to elementary students in math, and reading!

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