Formal Assessments and Evaluations (Virtual Only)

Families are often in need of a formal education evaluation from an objective licensed educator for homeschool reports, a second opinion, or for personal use such as at-home instruction. I offer formal assessments with an educational summary for families with students in grade levels K-5 in reading and math. The formal evaluation performed and provided by Kara Cashwell and My Rockin' Tutor are for educational purposes only. The assessments are education-based and not medical-based. The formal and assessments and evaluations may be used as data among education teams within a school setting or shared with medical professionals.

Math- ADAM K-7 Math Assessment

from the Seton Testing website:

ADAM is a K-7 comprehensive, diagnostic assessment of mathematics. It is aligned with NCTM’s (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) five content strands. ADAM K-7 thoroughly assesses a student’s complete mathematical understanding to provide a comprehensive picture of his or her strengths and weaknesses. In addition, ADAM K-7 uses revolutionary adaptive logic to maximize the amount of information obtained on each student while minimizing test-taking time and anxiety.

Reading- Teacher's College Running Record Benchmark Assessment

 from the Teacher's College website:

Running records are one glimpse into what children do as readers. A running record can give teachers helpful information about a child’s fluency, accuracy, and literal and inferential comprehension of a text, information that can be used to support that child’s reading growth. 

Licensed Educator Summary Report

The summary report is my (Kara Cashwell's) written analysis of the assessment results. The report includes demonstrated strengths, areas for growth, and suggestions for instruction in the subject assessed. This work is done outside of the assessment session with a student and therefore has a separate fee.


Math Assessment- $100 includes 

         -Seton Testing's fee and a 1-hour session with Kara for assessment. If additional time is needed the rate is $30                  per additional half-hour. 

         -A detailed report from the assessment.

         -Does not include educator analysis or summary of next instructional steps 

Reading Assessment- $75 includes 

        - 1-hour session with Kara for assessment

         -  A detailed report from the assessment.

         - Does not include educator analysis or summary of next instructional steps

Licensed Educator Summary Report- $75 includes

        -Formal letter including Kara's educational analysis of the assessments and next steps to take in instruction

        -Serves as homeschool documentation of progress from a licensed educator 

Discount Bundle Purchase All 3- $230 includes

         -Math Assessment

         -Reading Assessment

         -Licensed Educator Summary Report 


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