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Orton Gillingham is an instructional method designed to support students with a disability that impacts how they learn to read. The program was designed with students with dyslexia in mind; however, it can benefit many different learners with disabilities who learn best when multiple pathways to the brain are supported. Learn more here.

What is the difference between OG tutoring and non-OG tutoring?

Both OG and Non-OG sessions include instruction that is:

Sequential- follows a planned, logical order.

Incremental- each session builds on previously learned skills at a rate that helps students feel confident and capable. 

Cumulative- previously taught skills are reinforced through instruction, games, or reading.

Individualized- while the lessons follow a preplanned order, your tutor is responsive to your child's needs. They may speed up, slow down, review, or modify lessons to meet your child where they are in their learning.

Explicit- Instruction eliminates student "guessing" and teaches students exactly what to do in a straightforward manner. Upon mastery of a concept, the tutor may add components that extend their knowledge or require flexible thinking as appropriate. 

Based on Phonograms- students learn the building blocks of words, including the sound and spelling patterns for words, rather than sight word memorization, for example.  Phonics work is crucial in both types of reading sessions.

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Multisensory- OG sessions layer in a greater focus on auditory, visual, and kinesthetic (body movements) learning opportunities for students.  Non-OG sessions include auditory and visual cue learning.

Additional Materials- In order to add multisensory support, some additional materials will also be required.

Required 1-hour weekly sessions- more time is needed per week to account for the differences as well as provide greater consistency and frequency that this type of learning requires.

Skills- OG tutoring focuses on word reading, while non-OG tutoring may focus on word reading, fluency, and reading comprehension.

Does my student need a diagnosis to receive Orton Gillingham reading instruction?

No, a diagnosis is not required. We will complete a brief assessment or parent questionnaire to determine if this style of instruction will be a good fit.

Who tutors OG sessions?

Karla Kaplan Montante is our resident OG specialist and leads all OG tutoring sessions. She has completed many hours of training and hands-on practice to earn her certification in this instructional approach. Kara does not lead OG tutoring sessions but may support the initial evaluation process.

How do I know if OG is a good fit for my student?

If you think your child may benefit from this instructional approach, mention it during your consultation call and the reasons why you believe so. Kara and Karla will work together to complete a brief assessment and or parent questionnaire. Alternatively, if your child begins non-OG reading tutoring and your tutor suspects a change in instructional approach will lead to better gains for your student, we will reach out to you, the parent, to discuss and make a team-based decision.

What is the tutoring rate for OG?

OG sessions require a minimum of 1 hour per week (60 minutes or two 30-minute sessions), and the subscription rate is $460 per month (includes access to digital resources )

Session length

Unlike non-OG tutoring, OG tutoring requires one hour per week. A key component to the success of this instructional approach is consistency and frequency of practice.

Special Materials

Mrs. Kaplan Montante will use a few specialized tools a few of which your student will also need. If you enroll in an O.G. subscription, you'll be provided a list of materials (approximately $25) that can be purchased online or you may already own. 

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