My Rockin' Tutor Policy Agreement

       (updated 6/2020)

Dear Parents,

 It is my pleasure to be a part of your child's academic growth. I deeply value our partnership and clear communication. I've created the following parental agreement that lists the policies of My Rockin' Tutor. Please review and share any questions you have with me at kdcashwell@gmail.com.For quick reference, this document can be accessed 24/7 in the portal "Online Resources." Return to the previous page to mark the box that you agree and understand the policies below.


Participation in tutoring services include workshops, requires membership enrollment. Memberships require a monthly or weekly automated payment and can be cancelled at any time. Tutoring sessions may be scheduled as frequently as you would like so long as we meet at least once weekly. They can be redeemed at the pace the works for your family and child's schedule. Keep in mind that consistency is encouraged as it increases student results.

Pausing Membership.You may find the need to pause your membership for a variety of reasons. Memberships can be paused for any reason or length of time. Automated payments will be paused. To pause your membership please email myrockintutor@gmail.com. Please consult your parent portal and bank statements to ensure you pause the membership prior to the next billing cycle. Once you return you are not guaranteed the previous time slots.

Cancelling Membership.  While My Rockin' Tutor will be sad to see you go, I understand that your child's needs change. Please send a brief email to let me know that you would like to discontinue membership and the date that will be your last session. Tutoring credits remaining on the account are non-refundable, please plan accordingly. Once membership is cancelled any remaining credits are valid for 6 months from the date of termination. Please monitor your portal and bank statements and take note of the billing cycle and what day of the month your credit card is charge to ensure timely termination before the new billing date.


My Rockin' Tutor uses a credit based system. One session credit is equal to the rate paid per session example 1 credit = 1 $75 session. Credits towards My Rockin' Tutor services and products never expire while your membership is active. Credits remaining after a terminated membership are valid for 6 months after the termination date. Credits purchased through the membership are not refundable for the money paid. Credits can be deducted, and added to the account to reflect services rendered, cancelled sessions, or as gifts. 


       All tutoring sessions can be paid for by credit or debit card via the secure Paypal service. All sessions must be paid in advance. Sessions are purchased as a recurring membership. You will automatically receive an invoice on the first of each month that details the amount due for any sessions scheduled for the new month. The invoice also includes any outstanding balances from the previous month. Changes made to any scheduled sessions during the month will be reflected on the next month's invoice. If you arrange for autopay, amounts due will automatically be charged to the card on file at the interval you designate on your Paypal account: monthly or weekly. Session Credit balances carry over from month to month. When cancelling or pausing membership consider the date your card will be charged for the next month.

Tardiness and Cancellations

Consistent attendance matters. It impacts your child's overall progress and length of services. Please understand that a time slot is reserved for your child. Last minute cancellations and absences prevent other children from receiving services during the scheduled time.


Every student is granted a 15 minute grace period for each tutoring session. Sessions will still end at the designated time. Any time missed will not be made up, however we can still have a meaningful session in 45mins. Sessions costs will not be prorated due to tardiness.  

Cancellations and No Shows

My Rockin' Tutor requires a 24 hour cancellation prior to a scheduled session. In the case of a cancellation the tutoring session credit will be returned to the family account and can be used towards a rescheduled session. There is no penalty for this form of occasional cancellation.

My Rockin' Tutor asks that parents understand that excessive cancellations may lead to a fine or discontinuation of our partnership.

A No-Show is when a student does not show up for a scheduled session. Kara will wait in the Zoom meeting room for 15 minutes. At the 16 minute mark she will exit the virtual classroom and a session will be deducted from the account, marked as a "No-Show" and not refunded.

My Rockin' Tutor asks that parents understand that excessive no-shows may lead to a fine or discontinuation of our partnership.

Sick Days

My Rockin' Tutor understands that illness does not adhere to anyone's schedules so, we've got a plan for that! Each child in a family is allowed one sick day per month. This allows for a penalty free last minute cancellation (perfect for when a child develops an illness the day of a tutoring session). To redeem a sick day, simply email Kara at kdcashwell@gmail.com com no later than 24 hours after the scheduled session. Once it has been verified that the child has a sick day credit for the month and it is within the 24 hour window after the session, the credit for the session will be reapplied to the family account.


The wonderful thing about online tutoring is that is can occur from anywhere in the world! But I understand that we all need a complete break from our routines. If your family is taking a vacation, be sure to cancel any sessions scheduled during that time. Missed sessions will count as no-shows and are subject to lost credits.

Workshop Series Cancellation

Workshops with low enrollment are subject to cancellation before or after their start date. If a workshop series is cancelled parents have the option of selecting a different workshop, directing payment towards a tutoring session, or ask for a refund equal to the amount of missed sessions. 


My Rockin' Tutor reserves the rights to terminate services due to undesirable behavior on the part of the student or parent before, during, or after a tutoring session. In the very unlikely event that there is concern regarding behavior the parent will receive a warning in writing that explicitly details the behaviors displayed within 24 hours of the incident. Continued, undesirable behavior may result in an immediate termination of services with no refund for tutoring credits remaining on the family account. 

Session Details  

It is expected that both parties are logged on and present in the Zoom virtual classroom at the designated start time. Parents do not need to be present during the session. Students do not need any materials for the lesson unless otherwise discussed. Please ensure that your child has a distraction free space to work in.


When scheduling each session you have the option to schedule a 60 minute session with or without time allotted for a parent debrief. This is an informal discussion. I can share my observations from the particular session or how things are going over all. Keep in mind that the debrief is only 10 minutes. If we need a longer discussion you may schedule a conference with me. 

Conferences can be by phone or over the Zoom app. Kara or the parents can request a conference at any time. Login in to the parent portal and schedule a conference using the appointment calendar just like you would for scheduling a tutoring session. Conferences are 30 minutes maximum. Please limit conferences to no more than once per month. 

Written Feedback can be provided at an additional fee of $15 per document. Please allow 1 week from the date requested for a completed document. Written feedback includes: letters, recommendations, progress reports, rating scales, and any school based form. 

To request written feedback you must:

1. Email myrockintutor@gmail.com with the subject "Written Feedback Request for _______(child's name)"

2. Include: type of form, the date it is needed, any specific topic you would like me to address, and the address of where to send it

3. Look for an invoice for $10 per form and pay immediately (I cannot begin the work until payment is made). Please allow 1 week for completion.

4. When the written feedback is complete you will be notified via email and the documents will be attached. Verify the document meets your needs. If it does not, you have one week to submit for revision at no charge. Please specify the specific concern.