What Is Virtual Summer Camp?

We've worked hard all year long so during the summer months we shift from focusing on academics to focusing on creativity, exploration, and social emotional development. Each workshop also indirectly supports an academic or social emotional growth. All camps are in held in small groups of mixed ages. Younger campers may need extra adult support while older campers should be complete activities independently. Camps are hosted on the video conferencing tool Zoom just like one to one tutoring. 

Policy Note: Camps with low enrollment are subject to cancellation. The decision to cancel a camp will occur the week before camp begins and all money returned or reassigned to tutoring account balance.

Why virtual summer camp?

Play is what children do best and comes naturally to them. It is stress free and pleasurable, therefore the brain is most receptive to new information and skill development during play. For this reason My Rockin' Tutor takes a play based approach to learning. Camps vary in format depending on the activity, but generally have a small instructional component about 15-20% of the session with the remaining 80-85% given to games and activities that support the new skill for the day. During the play, Kara is watching and coaching so students get immediate feedback and support as they navigate playful learning. This strategy gives students the independence they crave and need while also feeling supported and encouraged to take academic and social risks.


Lego Stem Camp Notes:

     Campers use their personally own LEGOS. They may use any LEGOS they own from any kits or sets of any size. All activities in this camp focus on the creativity campers apply to the task at hand using what they have. Each week we'll learn of a new scientific and engineering feat and attempt to build our own. Each week will also require a few house hold materials such as water, trays, etc. A supply list will be sent to families who have signed up.

 Puzzles and Brain Teasers Camp Notes:

 Campers only need their computers for this camp. They will need to be able to click on links sent via Zoom group chat. Parents please check to see if this capability is possible on the device your student will use. If links are not clickable via zoom chat please teach your child how to copy and paste a URL from the chat to their browser for a stress free camp experience! At the end of camp families will receive a list of suggested puzzles for purchase for hands on fun.



Engineering Escapades Stem Camp Notes:

 Students will work together on KiwiCo tinker/engineering kits. We'll chat and explore how to construct a toy, craft, or tool using concepts in engineering and STEM. Families will need to place their order for the individual kits. Kits are $15- $30 before tax and shipping (this is in addition to My Rockin' Tutor's rate, but paid separately).                   

Individual families are responsible for establishing and managing their orders with Kiwi Co. Payment is made directly to  KiwiCo. My Rockin' Tutor is not responsible for any ordering, management, or concerns with KiwiCo. 

  •  Order by July 20th. Once your  order is processed, KiwiCo's shipping takes 4-10 days.  Families who have signed up will be sent links specific kits we'll use on the Kiwi Co website for ordering in July.  


Black Picture Books Camp Notes:

   This camp is focused on the importance of positive representations of black people in the lives of all children. The carefully curated selection of books featuring black authors and illustrators showcase the dynamic lives of black families from various backgrounds from small mundane challenges to larger ones that impact a community. The topics of hair, community, story telling, and celebration will be discussed through the literary story elements of setting, compare and contrast, point of view, and character growth. Campers will receive physical copies of the 4 books (2 paperback and 2 hardcover) to add to their personal libraries. The price of the books is included in the cost of camp. Please be sure to include your shipping address at sign up. Books will be shipped directly to campers homes.

Zoom Group Calls

Unlike private 1:1 tutoring, group calls require an access code rather than a link. We will all be able to see each other as we chat! Once payment is received you'll be sent the access code to join the workshop at the scheduled time. 


Payment and Cancellations

Once you have signed up you will receive an email with additional instructions for payment. Please sign up for all the sessions you want for the summer. Sessions are reoccurring each week.  Payment is due prior to receiving Zoom login credentials If your student is unable to join for any session it during their camp it will result in forfeiting the session payment. Each invoice includes directions for sending payment via Paypal, Zelle, Cash App,or Venmo. All payments will receive an itemized receipt.

Payments are nonrefundable. The only exception is of My Rockin' Tutor must cancel a camp due to low enrollment. If this should happen families will be notified the week prior and will be given the following options:

1.  select another camp to join  

2. forward money paid to future tutoring sessions

3.  receive a refund 

How to Sign Up

The steps to sign up for camps in July and August are below. To sign up, you'll need to follow a 3 step process:

1. Click the link to sign up: Sign Up Genius for July and August Camps

2. Create an account with My Rockin' Tutor by selecting this link or the link in the toolbar on the homepage (current families of My Rockin' Tutor can skip this step. ). Once your account is created I can add your child(ren) to the camp calendar and generate an invoice. 

3. Submit payment. Only payment secures your child's spot. Unpaid slots are subject to be opened to the public again. Paypal (linked in invoice), Zelle, Cash App, and Venmo are accepted forms of payment. 

Purchased camps are non-refundable.